Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yes We Still Have A Blog!

Sorry I have not posted in a while....

The Boy keeps us busy nearly round the clock.....he keeps growing and getting smarter too, so we really have to stay alert...thankfully he is asleep now!

Today is Sunday, June 2nd.  Tomorrow begins Nicholas' last 4 days of First Grade....yikes....and then summer vacation will begin...double yikes!

Thanks to Lisa's wonderful scheduling skills, the Boy should be a lot busier than summers past.  He will be going to an all day camp on Tues and Thurs in Denton to help him with social skills. He will also continue to have Speech lessons, Physical therapy and Occupational therapy.

He joined a Cheer Team for special needs kids at Achievers in Denton.  He went to practice every Wednesday. Late last year and early this year the team went to several competitions. They all received trophies and at the end of the season, he received a GIANT trophy.  Everyone involved with the team is wonderful to all the kids.  He can;t wait until it starts up again in the Fall.

He and I made this special birthday present for Lisa.  We collected sticks from a local park and then cut them into small pieces to spell out a special message.  I learned a valuable lesson. DON'T USE TOO MUCH GREEN PAINT!

The Boy came with me to pick up my Dallas Marathon packet prior to my 20th Marathon.  I made him stand in front of the 1999 Dallas White Rock Marathon sign because that was my very 1st Marathon!  Although number 20 is the same race, the name has been changed to Dallas Marathon...the "White Rock" was dropped in order to sound more official.....however the course still goes around White Rock Lake for about 9 miles!  As you can see in the other picture, one of the big sponsors was Volkswagen!

The Boy and I have gone to Guitar Center a few times....if they are not too crowded they don't mind if a small boy pounds away on a multi-thousand dollar drum kit!

More later!!

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